Electric Supplier Community Advisory

Important Community Advisory Related to Nantucket PowerChoice Program

Please note that if you receive a personal call or a visit about your electricity, that person does not represent the Town of Nantucket or the Nantucket PowerChoice program. Town officials, representatives associated with Nantucket PowerChoice, or National Grid are NOT making individual sales phone calls. The Town recently sent a letter to residents and businesses eligible for automatic enrollment with detailed program information.

If you receive a call or a visit from someone who wants to discuss your electricity, here are four things to keep in mind:

  • The person you are speaking with is not associated with the Town of Nantucket or the Nantucket PowerChoice Program
  • You should treat your National Grid account number like you treat your credit card information. Do not give it out unless you want to purchase your electricity from someone else.
  • You do have the right to select an electricity supplier of your choice. If you choose to explore this option, please check the terms of the agreement carefully. Things to check for include: minimum bill amounts, contract length requirements, early termination fees, low introductory rates that change after the introductory period ends, and rates that vary.
  • Nantucket is part of National Grid's "Nantucket Electric" territory. Only suppliers who are registered to sell electricity to "Nantucket Electric" customers are eligible to provide options to local residents. In order to avoid enrollment delays, the Town of Nantucket Energy Office recommends checking National Grid's Nantucket Supplier list to ensure the company you are discussing your electricity options with is at liberty to offer you a product: Nantucket Supplier List

The Town has worked carefully to ensure that the Nantucket PowerChoice program provides a trustworthy, transparent option. The program has no hidden costs or contract requirements. You may leave, or opt out, at any time. And there are no fees or penalties for opting out.

For information about the program, please visit the Nantucket PowerChoice website.

 Questions regarding your electricity options? Contact Lauren Sinatra, Energy Coordinator. Email Lauren Sinatra or 508-325-5379.