Pets on Nantucket

Traveling to Nantucket with your pet:

When traveling with your pet make sure to have the following with you in case of an emergency

  • Updated photo of your pet
  • Copies of their health records
  • Proof of rabies vaccination
  • All pets should be leashed while on Nantucket and be wearing a collar with updated contact information

Summer Pet Care Tips


Any pet can suffer from heatstroke. However, the following pets are particularly susceptible:

  • Very young pets and older pets
  • Pets with a previous history of heat stress
  • Short- nose breeds
  • Overweight pets
  • Pets with cardiovascular or respiratory problems

Prevent heatstroke by: 

  • Providing clean and fresh water for your pet at all times
  • Providing air circulation and ventilation at all times
  • Providing shade cover when pets are outdoors
  • Never leaving pets in parked vehicles

Hazardous Plants

Help keep your pets safe from hazardous plant consumption during the summer months when plants and flowers are abundant. Pets that ingest poisonous plants may have a variety of symptoms, including vomiting and diarrhea. If you think your pet as ingested a poisonous plant, contact your veterinarian or Nantucket’s Offshore Animal Hospital (LINK) at 508- 228 –1491.

Fleas and Ticks

These parasites are particularly prevalent during the warmer weather. You may see the parasites on your pet or notice flea dirt (black speaks) on their skin. On Nantucket, some ticks carry Lyme Disease. Please refer back to the Nantucket Health Department’s website to learn more about Lyme Disease and Tick safety on Nantucket.

Licensing Your Dog on Nantucket

Chapter 140 of the Massachusetts General Laws requires all dogs to be licensed:

"All dogs shall be duly licensed as provided in Chapter 140 of the General Laws. An owner or keeper of a dog who fails to renew a dog license within twenty-one days after being notified that a previously issued license has expired shall be assessed a fee of ten dollars in addition to any other charges due/or such license" 

You can buy dog license at 16 Broad Street, Town Clerks office for $10.00. You must show proof that your dog is up to date on Rabies vaccination. If dog(s) are pick up by Nantucket Police Officer or brought in to the Shelter by a Good Samaritan owner or dog keeper could be fined $50.00.

Scoop The Poop!

The Town of Nantucket’s General By-Laws requires pet owners to "scoop up" after their pets, both on public places and on property owned by another. Owners may be charged a fine of they fail to clean up after their pets.

"Section 2a. It shall be the responsibility of each person who owns, possesses or controls a dog to remove and dispose of any feces left by his/her dog on any street, public place or any private property of another. This section shall not apply to a guide dog accompanying any handicapped person."

Dog droppings are a nuisance and a health hazard. They attract flies, spread disease, and dog waste is one of the worst causes of water pollution.