Fertilizer Program

The purpose of the fertilizer program is to provide landscape professionals and homeowners science based guidelines for fertilizer use and other landscape practices that, when followed, reduce the loss of soil nutrients from excessive, incorrectly timed, or inappropriate fertilizers. On Nantucket, lost nutrients find their way rapidly to the coastal waters, harbors, ponds, and streams where they may cause contamination that is harmful to aquatic organisms as well as to human health and welfare.

Program Objectives:

  • To provide landscape professionals and homeowners with information for making environmentally sound landscaping decisions that take Nantucket’s unique conditions and natural resources into consideration
  • To promote the protection of water resources while maintaining healthy and vibrant ornamental landscapes
  • To reduce the amount of fertilizer use by promoting cultural practices that help reduce nutrient inputs
  • To offer site-planning guidelines and suggestions for ecological restoration that help reduce island-wide fertilizer-dependent landscapes
  • To provide science-based guidance for nutrient management of lawns and gardens on Nantucket

Regulations and Guidance Documents

Commercial Applicator License Program

As required by Board of Health Local Regulation 75.00 Section 6.2.1:

No landscape professional shall apply fertilizer in the Town and County of Nantucket without a License issued by the Nantucket Board of Health in accordance with this regulation.

License Information:

  • License is valid for three years starting on January 1st of the issued year
  • To gain a license you must complete the core Best Management Practices course offered by the Town of Nantucket
  • To renew a license at the end of the three year period each license holder must complete continuing education as offered or approved by the Town of Nantucket
  • License fee is $100 a person and is due before attending the class.


Homeowner Resources

Please ask to see the card below to be sure your landscape professional is licensed.

License Picture