Beaches & Parks

Nantucket boasts many beautiful beaches and parks for all to enjoy! Not every beach or park is owned and maintained by the Town of Nantucket; nor is every property available for special events, organized sporting activities or private businesses. For information on each beach or park, please use the interactive map below.

Please keep our beaches clean and safe for all!

  • Alcohol is not permitted on public property.
  • Smoking is not permitted on public beaches.
  • Glass is not permitted on public beaches.
  • Please use trash receptacles; or when not available please take your trash with you.

For information regarding permitting for an event on a public beach or park, please contact the Town's Events Coordinator at 508-325-4166. For additional information regarding special events please review the Town's Special Event Policy (PDF). For information regarding conducting private business on any public property, please contact the Town's Licensing Administrator at 508-325-4100 ext. 7319. 

To report on a problem at any beach or park, please use the Town's Beach and Park Hotline at 508-228-7261 24 hours/day; leave a message if an attendant is not available. To report an emergency please call 911.

Beach Access signs

Shark Sightings

Occasionally, sharks are observed from the shoreline of Nantucket beaches. It can be difficult to determine the species of the shark. Often times basking sun fish are observed and thought to be a shark by persons on the beach. However, a shark’s dorsal fin cuts through the water in a straight line; is constantly moving and normally a shark’s tail fin is exposed also. 

Click HERE for more information on Marine Animals of Nantucket.

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Beaches with Lifeguards

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Beach Access Point Maps

The Town of Nantucket’s beach access signage system is intended solely as an aid in the Town’s Beach Management and Emergency response activities. Be familiar with this signage system and be prepared to use the appropriate Access Point number in case of emergency.

Beach Access Map 1 (PDF) | Beach Access Map 2 (PDF)Beach Access Map 3 (PDF)

Beach Driving Map

Nantucket’s beaches are a treasure for residents and visitors alike to enjoy. Beach vehicle drivers must help ensure that Nantucket’s fragile ecosystem remains healthy and strong by following the Town’s beach access and driving rules and regulations. All beach vehicles must have an annual sticker issued by the Town of Nantucket. For more information on how to obtain a beach sticker and on the rules and regulations of beach vehicle driving, please download the 2019 Nantucket Beach Map (PDF).

Additional Beaches and Parks Resources

Nantucket Community School:  Information on year-round recreational programming including tennis and sports camps.

Nantucket Islands Land Bank:  A public body established by the Massachusetts Legislature in 1983, the Land Bank properties are for all to enjoy.

Trustees of Reservations:  Discover the About Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge  to observe shorebirds, raptors, seals and Great Point Light.

Nantucket Conservation Foundation:  Beaches, parks, cranberry bogs, forests . . . you name it, the Conservation Foundation has it!

Linda Loring Nature Foundation:  With 270 acres of outdoor classroom, the focus of the LLNF is education.

Nantucket Land Council:  The Nantucket Land Council is a non-profit dedicated to protecting Nantucket’s natural world and rural character.

Massachusetts Audubon Society:  Explore the Sesachacha Heathlands Wildlife Sanctuary.