Noise Abatement and Flying Friendly

Online Complaint Form
   Submit a noise complaint online, with an option of receiving feedback.
Flight Tracking (NEW!)
   Watch ACK traffic in a 10 minute delay: see who is flying where.  For help, see the User's Guide (PDF).
Live ATC

   Listen to pilot requests and air traffic controllers.


Flight Aware

   Ownership and historical resources for FAA-registered aircraft


Historical weather
Weather plays a large role in aircraft patterns.  Not only must planes operate into the prevailing wind, but when visibility is reduced in bad weather, aircraft must operate according to GPS waypoints, and not by landmarks.  This is a complicated air traffic system, with varying layers of control, and precludes any local noise abatement wishes of the community.  A METAR Translator may also be helpful.


Community Outreach

   The Airport created a PowerPoint presentation for one of its abutting neighbors to explain the history
   history and purpose of its noise abatement programs.  
    View the presentation as a PDF

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