Protecting Rare Species and Their Habitats

ACK is host to a number of rare species. Cultural practices, such as clearing and grubbing, have maintained short sandplain grassland and coastal heathland ecosystems that provide refuge to a number of rare plant and moth species.

While the Airport manages foremost for safety, there are management practices we can employ to perpetuate these rare ecosystem types. More frequent mowing with higher bar heights, whole tree removal, and selective herbiciding of invasive species have both ecological benefits, as well as control habitat that would otherwise promote wildlife species that are hazardous to aviation.

The Airport collaborates with a number of State and local groups, and actively contributes to increasing our management knowledge and application of best management practices to promote species survival.

Our collaborators include the Nantucket Conservation Foundation, Nantucket Islands Land Bank, and the Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program; we all contribute to the Nantucket Biodiversity Initiative.

Airfield Brush Mowing, January 2014