Airfield and Structures

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  1. September 2021 is Climate Change Awareness Month for Nantucket

    The Town of Nantucket recognizes that climate change and rising sea levels pose a significant and increasing threat to Nantucket. We are actively working and preparing for the short and long term effects that climate change will have on our island. Read on...
  2. Coastal Resilience Comments Platform: WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

    The Town of Nantucket’s Coastal Resilience Plan aims to improve resilience throughout the island and county to make Nantucket more resilient for coastal flooding, erosion and sea level rise. Read on...
  3. The Town of Nantucket August e-News is here!

    Stay informed and get involved. Read the Town's monthly newsletter to learn more about the projects and initiatives that your local government is working on these days. Town of Nantucket August e-News
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