Parking Tickets

Parking Ticket Payments: 

In Person:

  • Town of Nantucket Parking Tickets only may be paid by cash or check, sealed in the ticket envelope and delivered to the Police Department, 4 Fairgrounds Road as follows:
    • The Parking Ticket lock box is located in the vestibule of the Police Station. Immediately upon entering the station, turn to your left and you will see a black mailbox. Insert the sealed ticket envelope in the slot on top of the black mailbox.
  • Tickets for Nantucket Memorial Airport must be paid at the Airport or online: Nantucket Airport Parking Ticket Payments.


Parking Ticket Information and Hearings: 

If you have a general question about parking or a ticket that was issued:

Call- (508) 325-4141

or Email to:

If you want to dispute a parking ticket that was issued to you, send an email to the address below.  Include in the email a detailed explanation as to why you are disputing the ticket. Please attach to the email any photos of the area or conditions that you are basing your dispute on

Email to: