Birds of Nantucket

In this page, you will find the latest information and updates on protected species management on the Town of Nantucket’s beaches. Please check back on a regular basis for updates on restrictions and closures. 

Protection of Habitat

Symbolic fencing is required to protect nesting habitat for protected species. This fencing is used to mark the start of use restrictions on the beaches and water area around this habitat.

  • Pedestrians are allowed up to the edge of the fencing. Please walk as close to the waterline as possible.
  • All kites including kites for kiteboarding must maintain a 200 yard buffer to the edge of the fencing.
  • Vehicles including beach bikes must stay within marked vehicle corridors or observe any beach closures for vehicles.
  • All pets must be leashed.

Birds of Nantucket series 

An introduction to the birds of Nantucket. The description explains and outlines the features and characteristics of each species to help with identification. The ecology section described the feeding and nesting of each species. The Nantucket section explains where on Nantucket that each bird species might be found and gives local habitats that they prefer or good places to look for a particular species. A helpful photograph of each bird is also shown along with the scientific name of each bird, and if the bird is protected by either Massachusetts state or the Federal Government or both.

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There are over 120 birds listed here from regularly occurring birds to rarely sighted birds, however, this is not an exhaustive list.  More species will be added from time to time. Suggestions are welcome.

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