Substance Use Disorder

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), substance use disorder (SUD) is defined as a problematic pattern of substance use leading to noticeable impairment or distress. SUDs can lead to significant problems in all aspects of a person’s life.

One in 7 Americans reports experiencing a substance use disorder.

Nantucket Substance Use Disorder Resources

Below are a list of resources serving Nantucket Island: 

If you or someone you know is experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 immediately. 

  • Network of Care - Find agencies, programs, or facilities near you. Includes tools to locate drug disposal, naloxone prescribing pharmacies, counseling, support groups, educational info, and more. 
  • Addiction Solutions Nantucket, Inc. - Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for opioids, alcohol, and other substances through the private practice of Dr. Timothy Lepore. 
  • Alcoholics Anonymous & Al-Anon - AA & Al-Anon support groups on Nantucket. Visit the website for a list of meetings and locations. 
  • Health Imperatives - Nantucket - Improves the health, safety, and economic security of low-income and vulnerable individuals and families in communities throughout Southeastern Massachusetts. Provides Narcan and drug testing strips free of charge.
  • Fairwind's Counseling Center - Mental health, addiction services & crisis response. Provides Narcan free of charge.  
  • Nantucket Cottage Hospital  - The Emergency Department team & Social Services Department are prepared and available 24/7 to handle substance abuse emergencies. Dr. Lepore, the hospital's Medical Director and Chief of Surgery, also operates a Suboxone clinic for individuals recovering from heroin and opiate addiction. 
  • Cape Cod Vet Center - confidential help for Veterans, service members, and their families at no cost in a non-medical setting. Mental health counseling is available. Referral services for addiction & substance use care are also available. 



  • Addiction Solutions Nantucket: 774-563-1907 (Hours: Wednesdays, 5pm-8pm, Fridays 8am-12pm)
  • Massachusetts Substance Use Helpline: 800-327-5050 (Hours: 24/7) 
  • Fairwinds Mental Health Crisis Response Hotline: 508-221-3315 (Hours: 24/7)

Naloxone (Narcan) on Nantucket:

Naloxone is a medication that can help people who are overdosing on an opioid. Opioids include prescription medications, heroin, and fentanyl. Sometimes other drugs, including cocaine and methamphetamine, are mixed, or laced with fentanyl. Learn more about Naloxone here

Naloxone can be found at the following places on Nantucket: 

  • Dan’s Pharmacy: 
    • Available with prescription, or can be purchase over the counter.  
  • Fairwinds Counseling Center:
    • Available for free. No prescription necessary. 
  • Health Imperatives: 
    • Available for free. No prescription necessary. 
  • Nantucket Cottage Hospital and Emergency Department: 
    • Available with prescription, or can be purchase over the counter.  
  • Nantucket Pharmacy: 
    • Available with prescription, or can be purchase over the counter.

Prescription Drug Recycling:

Safely dispose of prescription drugs that are expired or no longer needed. Disposing of drugs safely can help keep them away from people who should not take them. 

Prescription drugs can be safely disposed of in a box in the lobby of the Nantucket Police Station (4 Fairgrounds Road)

Educational Resources 

This page was updated on August 30, 2023.