Paints, Stains and Wood Finishes

Latex paint

How can I identify non-hazardous materials?

Look for these words on the label: 

  • Latex                                 
  • Acrylic
  • Water-based  
  • Acrylic Emulsion 
  • Ethylene Glycol              
  • Glycol
  • Vinyl Emulsion 
  • Poly Vinyl Alcohol


We Accept All latex, acrylic or water-based paint (e.g. water clean up) for recycling.

  • Must be in the original, labelled container.  
  • Must be in Liquid Form.
  • Container labels must specify; type, intended application & gloss level.
  • It must visually match the labelled content.
  • Not be older than approx. 10 years.  

Examples of latex or water-based paint we accept include:  

  • Interior architectural paint
  • Exterior architectural paint
  • Primers
  • Water proofing paint
  • DTM or “direct to metal” (non-marine) paint
  • Porch and Floor paint (water based)
  • Stains (water based)
  • Polyurethane (water based)
  • Glazes (water based)  

*Bulked (consolidated from multiple containers) or frozen paint cannot be recycled*

How do I dispose of these materials?

You can dispose of liquid paints by bringing them to a DPW paint collection event, or,  you can dry paints and dispose of them by following the steps below: 

  1. Absorb: Large quantities of latex or acrylic paint, stains and wood finishes-more than two inches in the bottom of a can-may be absorbed with clay-based kitty litter. Pour kitty litter into a box or container, then pour the paint into the container and stir. Add kitty litter until you can't stir anymore. Put the container with the absorbed paint into your household trash. Recycle open, dry paint cans.
  2. Evaporate: Small quantities-less than two inches in the bottom of a can-may be disposed of by allowing the liquid to evaporate. Move the container to a sheltered, outdoor area away from children and pets; remove the lid and allow liquid to dry. Once the liquid evaporates, recycle the open can or discard in the trash. Up to two inches in the bottom of an oil-based paint can may also be disposed of in this manner.
  3. Recycle Empty Cans: Leave the lid off the can to dry the remaining paint residue, then recycle the open can and lid with metal cans at your town's recycling center. Recycle empty aerosol cans at your town's recycling center.