Long Range Transportation Plan Appendices

Highway Project DescriptionIntersection Project Descriptions
Complete Streets (Roadway) Project Descriptions
Active Transportation Project Descriptions
Project Scoring - Highway Projects
Greenhouse Gas Analysis Report
Anticipated Available Federal Funding
Federal Funding - Financial Guidance - 2024 RTP MassDOT
Public OutreachOutreach – NP&EDC Meeting #1 slides
Outreach – NP&EDC Meeting #2 slides
Outreach – NP&EDC Meeting #3 slides
Outreach – NP&EDC Meeting #4 slides
Outreach – NP&EDC Meeting #5 slides
Visioning Survey Report
Prioritization Survey Report
Glossary of Acronyms
Glossary of Acronyms
Federal and State Transportation Planning Policy and Requirements
MassDOT 2024 RTP Narrative Guidance
Federal Requirements for a Regional Transportation Plan
US DOT Strategic Plan
Massachusetts 2050 Transportation Plan - Beyond Mobility
Performance Measures
Performance Measures
Transportation Improvement ProgramFF2024 Nantucket Transportation Improvement Program
Population and Jobs ProtectionsPopulation and Employment Projection Summary
Population Projections Methodology 2022.12.15
Employment Projections Methods MassDOT
MassDOT EMP Projections Tables (Excel file)
Public Comments and ResponsesPublic Comment and Responses
Coastal Resilience PlanCoastal Resilience Plan
Environmental Justice, Title VI, and Equity Planning
FY23 Comprehensive Title VI Plan Signed Draft
Transportation Planning Studies
2001 Optimal Transportation Carrying Capacity
2005 Traffic Study and Strategy for the Mid-Island Area
2008 Downtown Circulation and Ferry Access Improvement Study
2009 Wilkes Square Redevelopment
2017 Milestone Road - Road Safety Audit
2017 Old South Road Corridor Study
2020 Harbor Place Transportation Solutions and Waterfront Redevelopment
Pavement Management
2023 Nantucket Pavement Management Report
Regional Transit Plan
2020 Comprehensive Regional Transit Plan
NRTA Transit Asset Management Plan
Coordinated Human Services Public Transportation Plan
2020 Coordinated Human Services Public Transportation Plan
Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning
2005 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan
MassDOT Bicycle Transportation Plan
MassDOT Pedestrian Transportation Plan
Complete Streets Planning
Complete Streets Prioritization Plan
Freight Planning
Massachusetts Freight Planning
Aviation Planning
Nantucket Memorial Airport Master Plan
Ferry Operations Planning
The Steamship Authority Strategic Planning Project
Parking Management Planning
Nantucket Parking Management Plan
Parking on Nantucket