Coastal Resiliency

Integration of Plans

  • Integration between plans and cooperation between organizations (Municipal Coastal Resilience Plan (CRP), Trustees Plans, Nantucket Conservation Foundation plans, Harbor Plan, private property owners, public-private partnerships). 
  • Top-down meeting bottom-up, grassroots organization momentum meeting governmental certifications. 
  • How does Nantucket CRP from Coastal Resilience Advisory Committee (CRAC) fit with harbor plan? 


  • Coatue Dune Breakthrough. 
  • Trustees and Nantucket Conservation Foundation want to keep Coatue natural, might conflict with harbor protection goals. 
  • Woods Hole Group consulting on Coatue breakthrough issues. 
  • If we throw money at Coatue, can we stop [dune breakthrough] from happening? 


  • Regulations limiting harbor protection measures (e.g. groins, bulkheads). 


  • Downtown neighborhood flood barrier 
    • Concerns with funding sources and pace of progress. 
    • Concerns with where water will go during flooding of downtown. 
  • Harbor walk way 
    • Will it improve resilience? 
    • Opportunities for hard barrier and leading saltmarsh (NBS). 
    • Regulations limiting constructing over salt marshes. 
  • Washington St is a major thoroughfare, flooding concerns. 

Brant Point 

  • Jetty redirecting waves that dislodge rocks into harbor. 
  • Jetty causing Brant Point flooding. 
  • Jetty improving flushing of harbor allowing for shell fishing. 
  • Lawn runoff causing poor water quality in Brant Harbor.


  • Entrance for creek going into long pond is 6 inches deep, used to be 6 feet deep, used to dredge. 
  • Issues with waterflow at Cambridge St. Bridge, water can’t get out, waterfall coming into culvert, desire to have Department of Public Works to maintain. 
  • Punky silt in Madaket Harbor. 
  • Old Smith Point opening to improve Madaket Harbor Water Quality.


  • Lignbia(?) negatively impacting scallop fisheries. 
  • Success of Oyster Farms cleaning up lignbia(?).

Nature-based Solutions

  • Desire for Nature Based Solutions to be a part of any Harbor Protection Solution. 
  • Improving or enhancing/restoring marshes and oyster reefs using alternative nature-based methods. 
  • Funding
    • Where does it come from? 
    • Do we create a costal resilience fund? Tied to taxes or home purchases? 
  • Land Bank 
    • Success of landbank park across from dreamland, built in educational manner. 
    • Coastal Resilience goals might involve shifting of the mission of the land bank. 


  • “Geotubes did essentially nothing”. 
  • Resilience is a shared problem, have mechanisms that facilitate neighborhood action, or objectives for individual neighborhoods or individual people. 
  • Resilience is about learning and adapting and trying to live with it. 
  • Prioritize/recommend properties around harbor that would be used for coastal resilience for an areas for marsh to expand, buy that property, etc. 
  • Where does funding come from? Aside from federal funding sources, how are we going to pay for all this? 
  • Why can’t we/why hasn’t something been passed to stop fertilizer usage? 
  • Wauwinet harbor garbage aggregation, need for dredging for water circulation. 
  • Island-wide sediment transport study and dredge plan. 
  • Beneficial Reuse of dredging (avoiding contaminated sediments).