Agenda Protocol

Roberts Rules

The Select Board Board follows Roberts Rules of Order to govern its meetings as per the Town Code and Charter.

Public Comment

Public comment is for bringing matters of public interest to the attention of the board. The board welcomes concise statements on matters that are within the purview of the Select Board. At the board’s discretion, matters raised under Public Comment may be directed to Town Administration or may be placed on a future agenda, allowing all viewpoints to be represented before the board takes action. Except in emergencies, the board will not normally take any other action on Public Comment. Any personal remarks or interrogation or any matter that appears on the regular agenda are not appropriate for Public Comment.

Public Comment is not to be used to present charges or complaints against any specifically named individual, public or private; instead, all such charges or complaints should be presented in writing to the Town Administrator who can then give notice and an opportunity to be heard to the named individual as per MGL Ch. 39, s 23B.

Public Participation

The board welcomes valuable input from the public at appropriate times during the meeting with recognition by the Chair. For appropriate agenda items, the Chair will introduce the item and take public input. Individual Select Board may have questions on the clarity of information presented. The board will hear any staff input and then deliberate on a course of action.

Select Board Report and Comment

Individual Select Board members may have matters to bring to the attention of the board. If the matter contemplates action by the board, the Select Board will consult with the Chair and/or Town Administrator in advance and provide any needed information by the Thursday before the meeting. Otherwise, except in emergencies, the board will not normally take action on Select Board Comments.

Select Board Programs

Model "One Big Beach" Easement Document