DEI Community Survey

Since November 2021, the Town & County of Nantucket has been working with Tangible Development, a New York State based diversity, equity and inclusion consulting firm, to help us identify ways we can become a more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and welcoming place to work and live.

Town of Nantucket employees at all levels and departments have been participating in:

  • Capacity building sessions
  • Surveys and interviews
  • Focus groups

We eagerly invite YOU – Nantucket residents – to share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences around diversity, equity, and inclusion as it relates to the Town & County of Nantucket. Tangible Development will facilitate and collect all the data, analyze it, and provide the town with a report and recommendations for improvement.

“The Town of Nantucket is investing in DEI because we respect our neighbor’s liberty, our friends’ individuality, and everyone’s right to feel accepted in our community.” –Kimal McCarthy, Ed.D., Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Director for the Town of Nantucket



Important Dates

Community Survey: March 23-April 11

Community Focus Group: April 5

More About the Focus Group

Day: Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Time: 6:00 PM EST

Duration: Up to 1-hour

Place: Online using Zoom

There will be one focus group for any Nantucket resident over the age of 18 to attend. There is room for up to 40 participants and is first come first served based on sign up order. 


After signing up you will receive an email confirmation with access information for the focus group. There will be two Tangible Development team members present during the session — 1 facilitator and 1 scribe (notetaker). 

More About the Survey

Community members will have the opportunity to anonymously share their thoughts using an online survey. The survey was developed by and is administered by Tangible Development. The survey will ask questions about respondents' own personal identities as well as questions about the Nantucket community. This survey is voluntary, and there are no right or wrong answers. 

  • Participation is completely voluntary.
  • Tangible Development does not share raw data or personally identifiable information, so you can be confident that you’ll remain anonymous.



“DEI can be some of the most important and sensitive work an organization can undertake. Team Tangible takes great pride and effort in creating safe spaces built on trust and confidentiality. We need you to feel safe to share authentically so we can gather the best data and ensure that as many community members as possible feel heard. Using this data, Nantucket leadership can create tangible plans that will help ensure the Town & County of Nantucket is diverse, equitable, and inclusive for their residents of today and their residents of the future.” –Dr. LB Hannahs, Tangible Development

Tangible Development, a third party DEI consulting firm experienced with secure data collection, is administering the survey and focus group. They securely house and safeguard the data. While they cannot guarantee anonymity within the focus group because participants may recognize each other, data connected to identifiable information is not shared with the Town and County of Nantucket or any other stakeholders; only aggregated data and analysis will be shared.