State Chapter 667 – Elderly & Non-Elderly Disabled

We have 10 one bedroom apartments in a state-aided 667 program. They are located at Miacomet Village I on Manta Drive. Nine of these apartments are available to elderly individuals age 60 and older. One apartment is allowed occupancy by a non-elderly disabled tenant and one unit is wheel-chair accessible.

State Chapter 705- Family

There are 12 apartments available in a state-aided 705 program for families. They consist of 2 two-bedroom units, 8 three-bedroom units and 2 four-bedroom units. The   apartments are located at Miacomet Village I on Benjamin Drive and Miacomet Road. One three-bedroom unit is wheel-chair accessible. 

US Department of Agriculture/ Rural Development

Miacomet Village II is a federally-funded, 19 unit, public housing complex for families. There are 4 one-bedroom units, 13 two-bedroom units and 2 three-bedroom units located on Norquarta Drive.  A one-bedroom and a two-bedroom apartment are wheelchair accessible.    


Both Miacomet Village I and Miacomet Village II offer rental assistance based on a household’s annual gross income.