Services & Fees

All checks to be made payable to Nantucket Registry of Deeds.

Fees for Land Court & Recorded Land

Document Type
Fee ($)
Declaration Of Homestead
Declaration Of Trust225
Federal Tax Liens and Related Documents
Foreclosure Deed and Affidavit
Municipal Lien Certificate
Plans - Per Sheet
UCC Documents
All other Documents75

Additional Land Court Fees

Document Type
Fee ($)
Change of Address45
Filing Petition (After 1st)65
Sewer Assessments75

Excise Fee

Separate check is required.

Excise is calculated as follows: $4.56 per thousand, rounded up to the nearest $500 (e.g. If consideration is stated as $1,546,300. then deeds excise is calculated using $1,546,500 and the total fee would be $7,052.04).

Nantucket Land Bank Commission

All land transfers and any transfers of interest, including leases (of 30 years of more including extensions) must be processed through the Land Bank prior to being recorded in our office. Visit their website or call their office at 508-228-7240.

All Copy / Fax Requests Must be in Writing & Prepaid

For copies by mail a self-addressed, stamped envelope is required. All copy requests will be processed within 24 hours of receipt.

For copies by fax the charge is $1 per page, plus additional fees of:

  • Off-island within MA add $5
  • Out-of-state add $10
  • On-island add $3

Important Note

All requests should state the book and page, document number or certificate of title number being requested. If you are requesting service without the above information a research fee of $5 for up to three instrument searches will be added to your fee. Please include owners name, property address, and approximate date of recording with your request. If you do not include this information, we will return your request unprocessed.