Rental Car Licensing

Alert: The Town of Nantucket has issued the maximum number of Rental Car Medallions allowed by Bylaw, Chapter 58. No medallions are available and no new licenses will be issued at this time. 

Should a rental agency surrender its Rental Vehicle Medallion (RVM) rights to the Select Board, or should the Select Board possess surplus RVM's from any other cause, these RVM's may be retained by the Town and/or may be re-issued at a fee to be established from time to time by the Select Board. Any RVM's not obtained by any rental agency by the end of any calendar year shall be considered surplus as of January first and may be retired by the Town at that time.

To request notification of availability of new rental car agency licenses and/or medallions, please submit the following form: Rental Car Info Request Form.

*Please note that the Select Board will determine the process by which new medallions are issued, whether by lottery or other method to ensure fair and equitable process. If medallions become available, the process would likely take place in January - March timeframe.

Chapter 58: Car Rental Agencies Bylaw

Bylaw: Chapter 58 Bylaw for Registration and Operation of Rental Car Agencies.

  • The total number of motor vehicles available for lease on the island of Nantucket shall not exceed 700
  • No person, business or corporation shall engage in the business of renting, leasing or keeping for rent or lease any motor vehicle without first being licensed annually by the Select Board to do so. It shall be unlawful for any motor vehicle to be rented, leased or made available for rental or lease in the Town of Nantucket without such motor vehicle displaying a rental sticker affixed to the rear bumper pursuant to this chapter

Rental Car Medallions Distribution (as of January 1, 2020)

The following agencies licensed by the Town of Nantucket are assigned Rental Car Medallions:

Affordable Rentals70
Hertz Rent-A-Car310
Island Buggies8**
Nantucket Car Rental2
Nantucket Island Rent-A-Car93
Nantucket Windmill Auto187
Young's Bicycle Shop30