Article 82


(Bylaw Amendment:   Streets and Sidewalks)

            To see if the Town will vote to limit and minimize traffic signs on the island of Nantucket by amending Chapter 127, Sections 19 and 20 of the Code of the Town of Nantucket, by adding new language as highlighted:


§ 127-19 Limitations on road improvements and construction.


A. The Town will preserve the historic character of its road system by prohibiting the following improvements or construction for any publicly owned way or street on Nantucket unless an exception of any of the following standards is expressly authorized by a vote of Town Meeting:


(1) The installation of automated traffic signals;


(2) Road widenings for the purpose of increasing motor vehicle travel capacity;


(3) The construction of travel lanes dedicated as turning lanes for motor vehicles;


(4) The construction of new public streets; and


(5) Paving of any unimproved publicly owned streets, ways, or roads.


(6) Reserved


(7) The installation of regulatory signs larger than the smallest or “minimum” size, as defined in the Massachusetts Department of Highways current Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD); the installation of any non-regulatory or MUTCD warning or guide sign with a dimension greater than 24”; the use of fluorescent background colors on signs; the use of LED or other lights in a sign; the installation of a warning sign within 1000 feet of another sign, unless such warning sign is defined by the MUTCD as an intersection warning sign or a pedestrian warning sign posted directly at a crosswalk.


B. This section shall not apply to state roads, ways pursuant to the Subdivision Control Law, and common driveways.


§ 127-20 Exceptions.


Exceptions to the above prohibitions are:


A. Areas located within the Town Overlay District (not including traffic signals or road widenings for vehicle capacity or installation of signs) as depicted on the map entitled "Town and County Overlay District," dated January 2, 2002, Nantucket Planning and Economic Development Commission (Article 37, 2002 ATM) as duly amended and on file at the Town Clerk's office.


B. Reconstruction of road beds and resurfacing of paved roads in existence prior to the effective date of this article.


C. Road improvements (not including traffic signal systems or installation of signs) as required by the Planning Board in conjunction with the approval of subdivision plans.


D. Reconstruction of existing road drainage systems or construction of new drainage systems, provided that such systems are equipped with petroleum separation and capture per Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection standards.


E. Bike paths and bike lanes.


F. Installation of warning signs in a school zone. Temporary installation of warning signs during construction.


G. Road improvements on First Way required by the Planning Board or the Board of Selectmen to support affordable housing, such housing defined herein as that housing intended primarily for year-round residents earning up to 150% of median family income as determined by the U,S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and sponsored by a municipal entity, the Housing Authority or its designated nonprofit; housing required in connection with § 139-11J (MCD); or housing on lots subject to a Nantucket Housing Needs Covenant.


(Kevin Kuester, et al)

FINANCE COMMITTEE MOTION:  Moved to take no action on the Article. 


FINANCE COMMITTEE COMMENT:  Signage on Nantucket’s streets and roads is already governed by State laws and various local policies. The Finance Committee recommends that the sponsors communicate with the DPW Director and any other Town agencies regarding ways to minimize obtrusive signage.