Article 63


(Zoning Bylaw Amendment:  Commercial Mid-Island – Height Restriction)

Carried Over from 2020 Annual Town Meeting

Reason and Intent;


At the 2016 Annual Town Meeting, Article 36 was adopted. The article had several sections, was complicated and in the case of changes in Section 17A, not in the best interests of Nantucket. The change in Section 17A involved the change of the height restriction for the SMI District from 30 feet to 40 feet. . This Article will reestablish the same height limitation as exist in the other districts referenced in Chapter 17 Section 17A.


The Article:


            To see if the Town will vote to amend Chapter 139 (Zoning) of the Code of the Town of Nantucket, as follows (NOTE: new language is shown as highlighted text, language to be deleted is shown by strikeout; these methods to denote changes are not meant to become part of the final text and, further, that non-substantive changes to the numbering of this bylaw be permitted in order that it be in compliance with the numbering format of the Code of the Town of Nantucket):


To amend section 17A as follows:


A. Building and structure height is measured as the average height of all sides of a building or structure from the average mean grade to the highest point of the building and/or structure. There shall be only one highest point for each building and/or structure. No one building and/or structure side shall exceed 32 feet, except in the CDT and CMI districts, or as otherwise permitted. Height limitations, except as noted in the Village Height Overlay District, shall be as follows:



Zoning District

Maximum Height

Country Overlay District

SR-1, SOH, SR-10, SR-20, LUG-1, LUG-2, LUG-3, MMD, VN, VTEC, VR



Town Overlay District

R-1, ROH, R-5, R-10, R-20, 

R-40, CDT, CN, CTEC, Cl, RC, RC-2, LC



Town Overlay District



40 30


Or to take any other action related thereto.


(Vallorie Oliver, et al)

PLANNING BOARD MOTION:  Moved to take no action on the Article.


PLANNING BOARD COMMENT:  This Article was carried over from the 2020 Annual Town Meeting, at which time the Board did not support the Article based on extensive discussion during its public hearings. Prior to the Planning Board public hearing for the 2021 Annual Town Meeting, the proponent indicated to the Planning Board that they no longer wanted to advance this article.


FINANCE COMMITTEE COMMENT:  The Committee supports the Planning Board Motion.


Quantum of vote required for passage of the motion is 2/3