Article 37


(Re-establish Parks and Recreation Department)

Carried Over from 2020 Annual Town Meeting

            To see if the Town will vote to direct Town Administration and the Select Board to reestablish the Parks and Recreation Department beginning in Fiscal Year 2021. The Department head, who shall be appointed by the Town Manager pursuant to Section 4-4(b) of the Town Charter, shall be an individual qualified (degree college or two years experience in recreational management), and shall be responsible for the maintenance of all parks and playing fields in the Town of Nantucket which are under the jurisdiction of the Nantucket Parks and Recreation Commission. The Department Head shall be responsible for ensuring that all recreational facilities are kept in good order to serve the public. He or she may coordinate projects with the Department of Public Works, subject to the approval of the Town Manager and the Parks and Recreation Commission. The salary and benefits shall be determined by the 2021 wage scale for the Town of Nantucket. The Department Head shall meet with the Parks and Recreation Commission on a monthly basis keeping them informed on the status of all current projects; and further to raise and appropriate or transfer from available funds a sum of money to fund the position for Fiscal Year 2021 or to take any other action relative thereto.


(Maria Zodda, et al)

FINANCE COMMITTEE MOTION:  Moved not to adopt the Article.