Waitt Drive

The construction of Waitt Drive (the Project) will serve a proposed 64 Unit Affordable Apartment complex to be located at 6 Fairgrounds Road and provide connectivity to the Town' s civic facilities, Island bike network and the surrounding neighborhoods. Access to the residential complex will be maintained by a driveway on Waitt Drive, approximately 130-200 feet north of Ticcoma Way. Ten additional parcels are defined along the east and west sides of Waitt Drive. While uses have not been defined at this time, they are expected to be used for Housing and public park-space. It is noted that current parcels adjacent to Ticcorna Way have been used or are planned for a low-income housing assistance program and Habitat for Humanity projects. In general, the Project supports a priority area for residential growth and density given the proximity to public buildings, restaurants, commercial establishments and key transit and travel corridors. 

Waitt Drive will provide vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle connections to Ticcoma Way (at south) and Road A" (Name TBD} at north. Road A will be formalized to connect Amelia Drive (to the east) with Old South Road (to west/north) via the existing Town Planning Building (2 Fairgrounds) parking lot. This connection would provide a safe, walkable, parking area for the commercial and residential establishments along Amelia Drive, Waitt Drive and surrounding neighborhoods. Two 10' wide pedestrian paths are proposed between Waitt Drive and Amelia Drive utilizing easements between commercial properties. These will allow shared use of the proposed Waitt Drive on-street perpendicular parking and commercial establishments on Amelia Drive. The addition of pedestrian pathway and roadway connections will enhance the neighborhoods by allowing walking and bicycling trips between local businesses, housing, a new park, public facilities, and a network of Bicycle Path throughout the island. The project will reduce the need for vehicular circulation due to the existing parking constraints on Amelia Drive, while supporting an active community.

The Project intends to construct both Waitt Drive and Road A as 22 feet wide, two-way paved roadways with subsequent sewer, water, and drainage utilities. Roadways will be flanked by a 3' grass buffer and a 6' sidewalk on both sides. Approximately 48 on-street perpendicular parking spaces are proposed along the west side of Waitt Drive, adjacent to the Public Safety Building parcel, including four accessible parking spaces. An 8' wide sidewalk is proposed to abut the parking area.