Nantucket Water Co

The Wannacomet Water Company reports as of July 7, 2020:

  • On September 1, 2020  Wannacomet sampled all 5 wells for PFAS Compounds.  Three wells had no PFAS Compounds detected.
  • One PFAS Compound was detected in two of the wells at levels lower than the MADEP Drinking Water Standards
  • It is suspected that the low level of PFAS detected in Well 13 and Well 15 in the September 1, 2020 samples was from pipe dope and Teflon tape used on the plumbing fittings on the sample tap.
  • No Safe Drinking Water Standards were exceeded and Wannacomet will collect confirmatory PFAS Compound samples from those two wells in late September 2020.  Results of the confirmatory samples will be posted.
  • On September 22 WWCO made a new sample tap in the well 13 pump station.  No pipe dope or Teflon tape was used. 
  • On September 23 WWCO collected confirmatory samples from well 13 and well 15.  Confirmatory results show that No PFAS was detected in well 13 and PFAS was detected below the MADEP standard in well 15.  WWCO plans on making a new sample tap on well 15 without using pipe dope and Teflon tape and sample again. 
  • Testing results are as follows:

Date                  Location        PFAS(ppt)           

9/1/20              Well 13             7.48

9/23/20            Well 13             Non-Detected from new sample tap

9/1/20               Well 15             2.54

9/23/20             Well 15             2.41    

New sample taps will be installed and more sample will be collected.

  • The MassDEP has not required that PFAS sampling be completed by any public water supplies yet.  Wannacomet expects the MassDEP will be coming out with that soon and will be adding PFAS to its sampling schedule.  Currently, Wannacomet goes above and beyond and collects more samples than are required by MassDEP.
  • Wannacomet is required by law and MassDEP to collect samples as outlined in our MassDEP Sampling Schedule. 
  • The sampling schedule is based on quarterly sampling of hundreds of constituents including, heavy metals, VOC’s, SOC’s, inorganics, radon and others.
  • Members of our staff including the Director have taken sampling procedure classes offered by New England Water Work and have completed on-line training for PFAS sampling.
  • Wannacomet’s sampling budget is 65K to 75K a year.


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