Surfside Area Sewer Replacement Project

This project is the result of the downstream Capacity Analysis and the Sewer Master Plan. This project includes the installation of a new 15” gravity main from the new main installed in Vesper Ln. a few years ago and will continue all the way to Miacomet Ave. Work will also be performed on the Bartlett Rd. sewer main A new sewer pumping station will be built of Windy Way on a parcel of land approved at last year’s ATM as a land swap with Keep on Trucking LLC. The new pump station is being designed with the future in mind and will include new and proven technologies. The existing pump station on a parcel diagonally across the road from the site of the new station will be subsequently retired but remain intact for any future needs. This project has been fully designed and is planned to go out to bid in the coming months, with some construction in the 2021 winter season. Ongoing construction is expected a 1-2-year construction phase. This project will have impact on traffic, with the impacts being planned with all stakeholders, including the School and buses.