Sea Street 3rd Sewer Force Main Project

Sea Street 3rd Sewer Force Main Project Begins on Surfside Rd at South Shore Rd


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Project Schedule

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Construction Plan

October 2022 Construction Progress Figure

As a part of the Sea Street Pump Station Sewer Force Main No. 3 (SSPSFM3) project, vibration monitors have been installed in town. These electronic devices look like small black suitcases (or Pelican boxes) and have placed along Step Lane and along the rest of the project route (including Sea Street, Center Street, Lily Street, Liberty Street, Winter Street, and Pine Street). These devices will help monitor vibrations during construction, as well as the other geotechnical instruments already installed along the route.

If you have any questions on this or any aspects of the SSPSFM3 project, please reach out to the Nantucket Sewer Department.

SSPSFM3 - Vibration Monitors (2)

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The Town is implementing a sewer project that will include the installation of a new sewer force main that will connect the Sea Street Pump Station (SSPS) to the Surfside Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF). The information below seeks to provide residents with answers to some basic questions (WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN & WHY) on the project. Updates to the project will appear in this series of informational articles in the local newspaper and be posted on the Town’s website.

What is the project?

Per approval of the force main route by the Select Board, the project will include the installation of a new sewer force main that connects the Sea Street Pump Station (SSPS) to the Surfside Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF). The project will also include upgrades to water, sewer, and drain utilities along the Town-approved sewer force main route:


Why is the project needed?

Two sewer force mains currently connect the SSPS and the WWTF: a 20-inch force main installed in 1981, and a 16-inch force main installed in the 1930s and later rehabilitated in 1983-1984. These two force mains carry up to 3 million gallons per day of wastewater and account for approximately 70% of the collected sewage to the WWTF. Following the catastrophic failure of the 16-inch force main during the Winter of 2018, the Town conducted a study on the pipe to confirm its condition. The study concluded that due to the age and condition of the 16-inch force main, it should no longer be relied upon to convey wastewater flows from the SSPS to the WWTF without an additional backup pipe. As a result of the assessment, the Town has proceeded with the design and construction of a third force main from the SSPS to the WWTF. Once completed, the Town will be able to rehabilitate the existing aging 20-inch force main and retire the existing 16-inch force main.

Where are the project areas?

Town streets where construction of the force main and associated utilities will be installed include: 

  • Sea Street
  • Step Lane
  • Centre Street
  • Lily Street
  • Liberty Street
  • Winter Street
  • Pine Street
  • Silver Street
  • Pleasant Street
  • Atlantic Avenue
  • Surfside Road
  • S. Shore Road

A section of this force main falls within the historic downtown area. As such, brick sidewalks and curbing affected by construction will restored in accordance with the Town of Nantucket HDC standards as required by the project’s contract documents. All construction will occur within the existing Town-owned right-of-way.

When will the project happen?

The second phase of construction is scheduled to start on Monday, September 19, 2022, on Step Lane. Work will then continue on Centre Street, Lily Street, and Sea Street. Construction will halt for a summer moratorium beginning in June of 2023. 

The Robert B. Our Company (RBO) will be performing the work. The Nantucket Sewer Department will have engineering staff on-site during the entirety of the work. The work will be completed using the best industry engineering and construction standards and practices for expediency and cost effectiveness. The roadways will be maintained with gravel until temporary pavement can be properly placed.

Areas and roads affected during this second phase of construction include:

  • Sea Street
  • North Water Stret
  • Step Lane
  • Centre Street
  • Lily Street
  • North Liberty Street
  • Liberty Street

Who is coordinating the project?

  • Town of Nantucket – Town Administration & Sewer Department
  • Owner’s Project Representative – Hazen and Sawyer
  • Design Engineer – Environmental Partners Group, LLC.
  • Construction Contractor – Robert B. Our

The Town is currently coordinating the Public Outreach program, which will consist of written information distributed via a series of news articles (similar to this) and posted on the Town’s website. These articles will present information regarding the construction phases of the sewer project. Another outreach component will be public meetings to discuss project information and smaller neighborhood or association-specific meetings to discuss project-specific items that are more unique to individual areas along the force main route. 

For updated information including the schedule of the proposed work on this project, please contact the Nantucket Sewer Director Department at 508-228-7200 x-7801; or visit the project webpage at: