Resilient Nantucket: 2020 MVP Grant

Resilient Nantucket survey

Designed for Adaptation (developing Resilience for Historic Resources)

This project will deliver a public awareness toolkit incorporating information on flooding adaptation strategies for private property owners in the Nantucket National Historical Landmark District, the development of Design Guidelines for the Town of Nantucket’s locally-designated historic districts, and a Resilient Nantucket statewide workshop to address flood risk, public awareness strategies and design guidance for adapting historic districts to a future of flooding. This project focuses on improving practices for resilience of historic structures, streetscapes, and the community using demonstrated techniques, science-based solutions, and draws upon the experiences of subject-matter experts working in this field.

Information and reports

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  1. Holly E. Backus

    Preservation Planner
    Local Hazard Mitigation Plan Coordinator

    Town of Nantucket
    Planning & Land Use Services
    2 Fairgrounds Road
    Nantucket, MA 02554

    Ph: 508-325-7587 x 7026

Resilient Nantucket Forum I, September 18, 2020

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