Educational Information

  • Grinder Pump Do’s and Don’ts: Learn how to take care of your home pump station.
  • Illegal Dumping is A Crime: Disposal of hazardous waste, herbicides, pesticides, car fluids, and toxic components into storm drains is not only illegal but it is a hazard to the island’s environment. Penalty for failure to comply with federal, state and Town regulations will result in a fine or even jail.
  • The FOG Monster (PDF): The discharge of fats, oils, and greases (FOG) to the sanitary sewer system is an important environmental and public health issue. 
  • Wipes Clog Pipes! (PDF): Wipes are No Recyclable-Non Compostable waste. They should be disposed as such, never flushed down the toilet. Next time you are about to flush a wipe, remember even wipes labeled as ‘flushable’ can lead to toilet and pipe blockages!
Trash it or Flush it

This page was last updated on January 13, 2020.