Emergency Management 

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The Town of Nantucket was designated a “StormReady®” community by the National Weather Service, Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency on October 29, 2013. Nantucket was the first town on the Cape and Islands to be designated as a StormReady® community.

This designation was awarded upon successful completion of an application and review process undertaken by the Emergency Management Coordinator, Nantucket Police Department, Nantucket Fire Department, Nantucket Schools, Town Administration, and the Department of Public Works.

  1. Chief William Pittman

    Emergency Management Director

  2. Sgt. Brendan Coakley

    Emergency Management Coordinator


The Town of Nantucket has adopted the ping4alerts! app enabling it to send alerts to residents and visitors regarding emergencies or advisories. Ping4alerts! is a free app that must be downloaded from your devices app store and requires no registration or personal information from users. 

Alerts can be sent to mobile network devices in small or larger geographic areas. These alerts may contain text, media, maps, links and other pertinent information. 

Ping4 Inc. is partnered with and recommended by the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA). MEMA’s director explains ping4alerts! features and benefits here

Emergency Information Sources

  • WNPD 105.5 FM - Nantucket Emergency Broadcast
  • WACK 97.7 FM - True Island Radio
  • NCTV18 - Nantucket Community Television
  • NOAA Weather Live Online
  • USCG Marine Broadcasts, VHF Channel 16 and 22a

Outdoor Warning Sirens