Regional ePermit Project

The Town and County of Nantucket has partnered with several Cape Cod municipalities through a regional Innovation Challenge Grant award of $500,000 to update Nantucket's and Cape Cod's online licensing and permitting services.

The purpose of the project is to leverage economies of scale while maximizing each municipality's limited resources through a regional partnership. This regional collaboration will establish an automated and regional system for issuance of municipal permits, licenses, and inspection services on Cape Cod and Nantucket that will reduce costs and improve customer service.

A regional automated system would be more advanced and integrated than could be afforded by individual towns and would eliminate redundant purchases of hardware and software.

SmarterCape Initiative
This project is part of the larger “SmarterCape Initiative” to advance economic development and government efficiency through technological innovation and has been spearheaded by the Cape Cod Commission.

More Information
For more information about this initiative, please email Gregg Tivnan.